Certification Bodies

Certification of beef producers and beef processors is done through an audit process conducted by an approved Certification Body. The CRSB's Oversight Body will assess and review certification bodies interested in delivering certification services on behalf of the CRSB.

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If you are interested in becoming a Certification Body, please contact the CRSB.


CRSB-Approved Certification Bodies 

For Certification to the Sustainable Beef Production Standard:


VBP+ Verified Beef Production Plus


For Certification to the Sustainable Beef Processing Standard:

 ...coming soon


For Chain of Custody Certification:

 ...coming soon 


Reasonable measures shall be put in place to maintain impartiality in the certification and audit process, to mitigate real or perceived bias or conflict of interest.

Certification Bodies shall have a documented procedure for identifying, assessing and mitigating real or perceived conflicts of interest between the Certification Body, its employees and its Auditors, and any Client, and are ultimately responsible for mitigating conflicts of interest. The CRSB's Certified Sustainable Beef Framework Committee is responsible for managing conflicts that cannot be addressed by the Certification Body.  

CRSB Conflict of Interest Policy and Guidelines